Question #1

pretty easy.Just trying to get some people involved.First response gets the point and credit


Name 2 former Major League Baseball players who have played in the Golden Baseball League.(There have been over 100)



Hello, long time no blog. I did a blog like this 2 years ago and then i suddenly stopped, i dont really remember why i stopped it but i want to restart it, it got a lot of interest and i am looking for interest as we continue.


What I will do is post a baseball trivia question, and you will answer it in the comment box. I will keep a list of the people who have gotten questions right and how many they have correctly answered. Thanks and good luck



Question 1 is forthcoming (Who says that anymore?)


I like the fill in the blank riddle I did yesterday so I will do one again

_ _ _ _    _ _ _ was a great closer for the giants but then he got injured so he retired then in 2005 they got _ _ _ _ _ _ _   _ _ _ _ _ _ _  but in early 2005 he tore his hamstring so _ _ _ _ _  _ _ _ _ _ _ filled in for him during that time before his release from the team in `06


I will be starting a new Weekly event here every week you email me telling me some baseball cards,or any sports memorabillia you have and weekly here I will find out how much each of them are worth and post it here,The first segment is Monday so get in your emails soon

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Thanks to all of you

Question 10-The first ever MLBtriviablog Riddle is upon us

Calvin _ _ _ _ _ _ played for the Giants at one time Hint-He was on the team in 2000

Question 9

When I start getting email I will share them with you

Question 9

What MLB owner chose a mule to be his teams mascot?

P.S standings will be posted after this question is answered

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I have been going to a bunch of Major League ballparks lately so I haveny been able to blog I hope you all continue playing my trivia game so here we go

Name 15 players that homered in their 1st carrer AB`s along with their teams that they hit it with

Good Luck

Day 4-Question 7

Which Jappenise League Player holds the world record for the most consecutive games played?